Who We Are and What We Do. 

We are three nuns, members of the order of Saint Augustine. Guided by our "Augustinian" principles, we make every effort to rescue, host and then find these "orphans of living parents" a loving safe harbor in the permanent custody and care of an adoptive family.


We have cretated Casa Concredo to host our boys during those difficult transition days that stand between their rescue and their adoption and placement. Casa Concredo is a temporary home. For many of our boys, it is the home they've never had, and the home they will always recall and have as their own. At Casa Concredo:


  • We restore their mind and soul, helping them find health and peace.

  • We heal them, so that they enjoy the normalcy of a healthy family life.

  • We find them an adoptive family that will call them their own.


Help us find our boys a family; a permanent home.

Abused, broken and coming from desperate situations, we welcome young boys, who are orphans of living parents, and help them find a permanent adoptive family before they turn thirteen.


We are their safe harbor. We need your help to find them a home. 


The Nuns of Casa Concredo

Left to right: Sister Glenda, Sister Blanca, Sister Sonia



Whether you are an individual or an organization such as a church, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Rotary or corporation; if you are looking for a charitable cause to make a profound and meaningful difference, we need your help.

Why adoption and not foster care?

No child deserves to be abandoned, neglected and unloved. Each child entrusted in our care has come out of a very difficult and painful situation, and sadly, far too often, comes from an abusive environment. Our goal is to help each child find a stable and loving lifetime home as soon as possible. In Puerto Rico, adoptions can become considerably more challenging after a child turns thirteen years old due to laws, regulations and culture. The harsh reality is that it is harder to find adoptive famillies for teenage children; and foster kids will rarely enjoy the legal benefits and protection that adopted children will.



Casa Concredo

San Agustin Del Coqui

P.O. Box 127

Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico 00703

Phone: 787-732-7500

Email: info@casaconcredo.org






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Nuestra mision en CasaConcredo, es el encontrar familias adoptivas a ninos huerfanos de padres vivos, entre las edades de 7 a 12, antes de que cumplan sus trece. Quieres saber como puedes ayudar? Marca hoy, o escribenos un email!



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